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The idea for Acknowledge came from a practice I began when I realised the extent of how horrible I was to myself. For friends and loved ones I could be supportive, fair, generous, reasonable and not always for them and never for myself. I began writing a few things each day that I was proud of; 20 mins of yoga before work, not reacting to someone who was acting out, and then I started missing it if I hadn’t done it

This negative narrative with myself was part of a wider problem that surfaced at the first UK lockdown. After being diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS in 2018, I stuck to form, denied, ignored it and told almost no one. My first significant relapse occurred as Optic Neuritis in one eye, impacting my vision and balance. This was my body saying no, showing me what I wouldn’t see and me beginning to listen. Through amazing teams and opportunities, I am self healing to address and resolve the root cause of this condition for myself – inter-generational trauma, anxiety, addiction and self-loathing.

This is app is a way to share the approach of looking and seeing what we’re already achieving, acknowledging ourselves and standing in pride. And it is a way to quantify it – all the little things every day, all the quick wins to see how they add up to become big ones and massive shifts in mindset. And it’s across the board – where could we focus instead, where could be try something different?

And there’s nothing you need to buy, no course to attend, no training needed. Take a look with me to see and celebrate everything you’re already doing.

Please reach out to find out more.

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