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Acknowledge is a tool to reframe, tag, quantify and celebrate everything you achieve.

Day to day, in every way, see all your wins and what you can acknowledge yourself for.

Click your heels, pat your back, you’re acing this – watch it rack up.

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Acknowledge is an app to log, tag and quantify your achievements.

From big deals to taking the bins out when it’s raining, everything is something to be proud of.


We have busy lives, we do a lot with a lot of people. Things can get lost in the noise. Dial up and tune in to see everything you’re actually doing.


You can enter things you’re proud of, tag which area of your life it sits and what it involved. Tags are racked up to show how high and widely you’re winning.

“It is the roots which give a tree strength, not its branches.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

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